Nomadicube is a work-in-progress by Marianne Bernstein, in collaboration with other artists. The geometry of the cube frames space into a dynamic realm; the practice inside is unpredictable, allowing for spontaneous and intimate interactions, often concerning social justice issues.

Past cubes include: The Welcome House, Love Park (2010) and Not a Vacant Lot, Philadelphia, PA (2011); Beyond What Was in New Haven, CT (2012) and in Skagastrond, a small fishing village in Northern Iceland (2014).


Participating Artists

HERE: 18th + Paulina
Joseph Josué Mora & Sarita Garcia
Undocumented Projects

SOVEREIGN: 34th + Halsted
Santiago X in collaboration with Chi-Nations

RUMOR: Chatham Plaza
Aaron Evans with Daniel Kwon, Grant Penrod, & Malik Temple

Martha Osornio, Aleksandar Georgiev, Natalie Froumis, Marianne Bernstein, Courtney Mitchell

Audio: Gerardo Salgado



Activate Chicago

City of Chicago

Navillus Woodworks


Dean Sweetnich

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